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The Lapdrum

January 2004: The new and improved Lap drum features another set of guiro grooves around the sound portal, as well as a larger playing surface for the drum head located under the sound portal which now has a plastic head instead of calfskin.  As an option, the Lapdrum can now be ordered with a fish skin head for the 5" round playing surface.  These new features help to make the lap drum even more versatile than it was before.
Don't forget to request the Lapdrum info video as well.

"Take me to your drummer"

(just kidding)

Made of clay and measuring 12"w by 8-1/2"h, the Lap Drum is non-ethnic-specific instrument, each one featuring a one-of-a-kind glazed finish inside and out.  It has a large calfskin head on the top of the instrument, and two smaller heads on the side.   This design gives the performer the ability to play on two surfaces simultaneously with one hand.  There is also a portal that can be used to vary the pitch or to create a glissando effect.  Beneath the 5" head are slotted indentations in the clay surface that give a "guiro" or "ratchet" effect when scraped with the aluminum thumb rings.  The rings can also be used to lightly hit the clay body of the drum to create a rhythmic tapping.

The Lapdrum has a 1/2" hole between the 2" and 5" drumheads, designed to hold a tambourine jingle, finger cymbal, or miniature wood block.  A similar hole in the bottom of the drum allows a lavalier microphone to be installed inside.  The back of the drum is sand painted, creating a non-slip surface to prevent it from sliding off the performer's lap.  

The Lap Drum comes with a waterproof padded gig bag with shoulder strap, thumb rings, a tambourine jingle, and an instructional video.  The optional  Audiotechnica microphone can be purchased through American Percussion Instruments as well.

The Lap Drum is owned by Mike Gordon from Phish, Tony Levin, Jerry Marrota, Dave Holland, Jim Keltner, Steve Gadd.

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